About Boško

A warm welcome to all visitors on the V&B web page! My name is Boško, and I am delighted to share a glimpse into my world of destination wedding photography and videography. Together with my wife (I can`t forget to mention my wife's name, she's an integral part of our team 😄), we embark on a thrilling journey that has taken us across the world, especially exploring the breathtaking landscapes of northern Europe. Our main goal is to savor the unique moments of life and immortalize them through captivating pictures and videos.

From the days of my childhood, I have had a profound passion for photography. I fondly remember grasping an old camera belonging to my grandfather, the Taron EyeMax, and capturing the world through its lens. However, due to life's circumstances and various opportunities, it wasn't until four years ago (2019 year) that I took the leap to pursue photography professionally, especially inside other destinations in Europe but also Asia. It all started with a spontaneous request from a friend for a pregnancy photoshoot, and from that moment on, my photography journey has evolved.

Today, I am fortunate to travel and work alongside my wife, Viktorija, and our beloved dog, Zen. While my focus primarily revolves around destination weddings, maternity, family, landscapes, and portraits, I am always open to new and exciting adventures. I am even willing to climb to the summit of a mountain, as long as it's not higher than 4 meters! 😄

Why choose V&B Cinematography?

- Smooth and relaxed atmosphere: we strive to create a comfortable environment, allowing you to be yourself and naturally shine in front of the camera.
- Spontaneous moments, free from pressure: we capture authentic emotions and genuine expressions by encouraging a candid and relaxed approach during our sessions.
- Laughter and fun: We believe that a joyful atmosphere brings out the best in people, resulting in captivating photographs that reflect genuine happiness.
- Open-mindedness and unique ideas: we welcome your creative input and innovative concepts. Together, we can transform your vision into stunning visual stories, as they say, two heads are smarter than one.

In my work, I primarily utilize the Sony Alpha camera, along with other specialized equipment. If you're curious about the details, please feel free to explore the "Equipment" section on our website.

For any further questions or inquiries, please reach out to us via direct message. We look forward to capturing your special moments and creating lasting memories together.


About Viktorija

Viktorija's Story: Adding a Creative Spark to Our Journey

Greetings, future models! My name is Viktorija, and I am not only Bosko's wife but also his trusted partner, friend, and co-conspirator in the world of destination wedding photography and videography.

Some of our friends and family members wondered at first, what brings me into this exciting world of videography. While it may seem unexpected, the truth is that Bosko recognized my talent, boundless creativity, and knack for teamwork while assisting him during shoots. With his encouragement, I took the leap and purchased my first camera, venturing into the captivating world of videography. Initially, it was easier to direct Bosko than to be in the director's chair myself, but with dedication and countless hours spent editing "small and simple" videos, I can proudly say that I have honed my skills. There is always and will be a need for new techniques, skills, further education, but it is important to take a step and start.

I firmly believe that creativity, innovative ideas, attention to detail, and open-mindedness are vital not just in the realm of photo and video, but in life as well. So, join us and dive deep with as and turn the impossible into the possible!

In our team, you'll find not only exceptional work but also an enjoyable experience. If you feel that our story of a husband-and-wife partnership resonates with your vision, don't hesitate to contact us as soon as possible.